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Why Take the 4DX Assessment?

At FranklinCovey, we understand the challenges leaders face in achieving results. That’s why, in partnership with Harris Interactive, we’ve developed the 4DX® Assessment—a concise, web-based survey designed to pinpoint your organization’s execution gaps.


Strategic Insight: The 4DX Assessment provides a quick insight into how effectively your organization reaches its goals.

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What differentiates great leaders from average leaders is that they focus on the results and contributions that are not found in the normal flow of work

— Sherif Selim Execution Practice Leader in the Middle East

This tool measures your organization and team performance across 4 critical execution areas:

  • Clarity

    Do your employees understand the organization’s key goals?

  • Action

    Is there a clear plan on how to achieve these goals and measure progress?

  • Commitment

    Are team members fully committed to these goals?

  • Accountability

    Is there a culture of mutual accountability?

Execution presents an ongoing challenge and opportunity to business leaders around
the globe.

The 4DX Assessment provides a vital measurement of your organization’s capability to execute its highest priorities. Its findings clearly indicate whether your teams have the required alignment and discipline to execute on companywide OKRs.

If you’re an average organization in our Execution Assessment database, here is the hard reality:


of your people don’t know the goals


of your people don’t know what to do to achieve their goals.


of your people are not engaged around the goals.


of your people don’t feel they are accountable to their boss for achieving the goals.

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Join over 800,000 leaders from various industries who have already benefited from the insights provided by the 4DX Assessment. In just 6 minutes, you can gain critical insights that might redefine how your organization achieves its most crucial goals.

Incorporating The 4 Disciplines of Execution® Into Your Organization

Customer Stories


Achieving Operational Excellence using 4DX

Sipchem’s operations division has been using the “The 4 Disciplines of Execution (4DX)” initiative since 2018 with the goals of achieving operational excellence and creating added value by reducing risks and increasing operational efficiency.

Dekalb Medical Center

Improving Patient Satisfaction Scores

Dekalb Medical Center used The 4 Disciplines of Execution® to achieve breakthrough results with their patient satisfaction scores. See how they moved from being in the nation’s 3rd percentile to the 99th percentile.


Achieving the Highest Results Ever

Few industries are hit as hard as hospitality in these uncertain times. See how Marriott is able to focus and engage their employees on the most important metrics, even while their world is in flux.

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