Government Services

Custom solutions for all branches of the government, ministries, authorities and local agencies, and law enforcement. Help your leaders bring the character, mindset, skill set, and behaviors they need to inspire their teams and deliver exceptional results.

Our Approach

Our solutions help you create collective action and meaningful change and we have been privileged to work with thousands of government entities across the middle east and the world striving to achieve greatness. We have gone deep inside the operations of more than 1000 of these organizations. Some of the common issues we have helped government entities with include:

  • Leading through change
  • Developing the habits of flexibility and resilience
  • Understanding and addressing unconscious bias
  • Developing emotional intelligence
  • Completing projects with quality results
  • Developing leaders that bring out the best in others
  • Developing character and integrity
  • Executing strategy with your team
  • Creating a shared mission and vision
  • Building high trust as a leader

Partner with FranklinCovey Middle East

When Government entities partner with us, their people change behavior — both individually and collectively — in ways that have a dramatic impact. Together, they solve your organization’s most pressing problems and achieve breakthrough results.

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