Leadership Tip: Reinforce What's Important


How do you reinforce what's most important?


Positive feedback is an important way to reinforce great work and build a culture where people feel respected and appreciated. Whereas Instructive feedback is essential for helping improve performance. Both kinds of feedback use the same two-step process:


Share a specific observation.


- Lay out the facts of what you've seen.
- Avoid labels. Give a simple, clear description.


Describe the impact.


What outcomes has this behavior produced?


Here are some options of what you can say.




- Great job this morning! your presentation was so well prepared. it got us all on the same page.
- Your willingness to step in at the last minute to fix the location mix-up really impressed our client. Thank you.
- Your presentation to the Ops team was very clear and you answered their questions simply and effectively. I think they understand now why we have to make this change.




- I noticed you didn't make eye contact during the presentation. That suggested to me you weren't confident in what you were saying.
- It looks like you copied only me on your budget and not the CFO. Without her buy-in you will struggle to get approval.


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