Video: What do diminishing leaders tend to do?

Do you have individuals in your organization who are smart and capable, but around certain leaders, they hold back or don’t progress? Leaders with Accidental Diminisher tendencies stifle the talent and energy of the people around them. Because they rely on their own capabilities, Diminishers tend to create tense work environments and shut down people’s contributions. Watch this video to learn some of the tendencies of Diminisher leaders. Once your leaders are aware of these tendencies, they can take steps to correct this behavior.

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Blog: 5 Tips for Better Student Engagement
Blog: 5 Tips for Better Student Engagement

Student engagement can feel like it’s the tallest peak. The most basic function of a teacher is to teach and their most basic goal is for their students to learn. We fantasize that our students would be at the edge of their seats just thirsting for our knowledge, but this picture is far from reality. Between the teaching and the learning can be mountain range of challenges.

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Leadership Tip:
Build Other Leaders
Leadership Tip: Build Other Leaders

One of the essential roles of leadership is to coach potential by unleashing the untapped talent and potential of others.

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