Leadership Tip: Lead Through Change


When leading change, are you calm, confident, and focused — or anxious, threatened, and scattered?

Change comes at us nonstop in every form: organizational structures, market competition, government regulations, tax laws, revenue expectations, financial and accounting requirements, quality initiatives, unexpected events… it’s unrelenting.

According to Alan Deutschman in Change or Die, 88 percent of us take on a pessimistic outlook with change. The emotional impact organizational change has on your team must not be underestimated. Consider these practices useful for leading through change:

- Recognize how the change impacts you. How you relate to and experience it will impact how you communicate it to others.
- Ask as many questions as possible to ensure you can shape the context for your own team.
- Identify the level of transparency. Be intentional about what you disclose to ensure your team can process the change at the speed they need to.
- Decide what your communication style will be during the change. You may need to balance your own mixed feelings while honoring your professional responsibility.


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