Leadership Tip: Celebrate Wins


Do you spend as much time celebrating the achievement of goals as you do setting them?

People like to win — but not “fake” win. Your team wants to work for it. But they don’t want the finish line moved, and they don’t want to kill themselves in the process.

Budget should NEVER constrain your ability to celebrate wins. People might be happy to get some free food or gifts out of a celebratory event, but if you invest time into recognizing them, you can make a bigger, more lasting impression. Spend an hour the night before and generate a list of each person’s unique contributions to a big win. The next day, go one by one around the room and share.

- Understand your culture’s propensity to celebrate: Is it enough? not enough? too much?

- Assess your people’s ability to actually “win.” Are your goals so lofty that they have an inverse impact and crush people’s spirits?

Plan your team’s next celebration:
- What contributions should be recognized?

- Outline what you intend to say about each team member. Be specific.

- Identify an appropriate reward to share with the individual or team. Customize it to the recipient’s preferences and the project’s scope.


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