Infographic: 6 Virtual Leadership Best Practices

Does the world need one more infographic about managing teams remotely? Yes, exactly one more—this one.


Gallup research shows that today's employees want development, purpose and in-the-moment feedback in this virtual world. In other words, they prefer "coaching" over "bossing." Data also show that well-coached teams tend to considerably outperform less ably managed teams on engagement, retention, safety, productivity and profitability metrics.


Here’s a shortlist of virtual leadership practices to considering integrating into your morphing-by-the-hour leadership role to help your teams stay engaged


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Video: Find Out WHY - On Demand Webcast
Video: Find Out WHY - On Demand Webcast

FranklinCovey’s Find Out WHY solution focuses on understanding the progress your customers are trying to make and determining what you can do to help them make that progress better, quicker, or even faster in a more predictable way.

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Infographic: First-Level Leaders Reality Check

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