Leading in a VUCA World

Leading in a VUCA World

Create a sustainable culture of agile execution
VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity)

VUCA has been in the business vocabulary for many years and yet we’ve seldom been confronted with the degree of VUCA we’re now facing with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Where next? How bad? How long? Who can you rely on? How will your organization – your employees, customers, partners, supply chain – be impacted? How should you respond?

We are living in an unprecedented time of disruption, uncertainty and change. Organizations and teams are being faced with fast-moving changes like never before. Leaders are facing new challenges, re-prioritizing needs, making complex decisions and – on top of all that - handling their team’s related challenges through it all. This process can be overwhelming.



Leadership is all about change. It is about taking people from where they are now to where they need to be. Going forward, the most critical business outcomes and top organizational priorities to survive are increasing sales and customer loyalty. The key driver is “people” – great leaders and high-performing teams.


Therefore, we no longer really know if leaders are ‘Ready Now’ in a conventional way. At best, we can prepare them to be ‘Ready Able’ - to have the situational awareness, flexibility, savvy, and leadership capabilities required to quickly understand and adapt to changing conditions.

A principle-based leadership approach could be the most suitable answer to this challenge. Principles are timeless universal laws. They allow leaders to stay anchored to what really works, while freely making the most relevant and effective decisions to the situation.

In FranklinCovey, we have built our execution methodology on a proven set of timeless principles – 4 to be exact: focus, leverage, engagement, and accountability – that work every time. The practices (disciplines) have been tested and refined over many years to make their impact last. You can ignore these principles, but they won’t ignore you. Or you can leverage them to achieve your top goals again and again with excellence.

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