Leading Change Through Innovation

Leading Change Through Innovation

Lead Your Team Through Change
Change is now the norm.
It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by change. By the time you adjust to a change, another one is coming down the pipe. Learn to expect change and handle it with grace

If an organization gets stuck in any of the first three zones, they run a greater risk of eventually disappearing from the landscape, or at the very least, be relegated to inferior positions in the marketplace. Do the names Nokia and Kodak ring a bell…?


One of the best ways to avoid this, and reach the Zone of Better Performance is to adopt an “Innovator’s Mindset”. Innovation is not only about inventing, or the ‘Big Ideas’. It is about creating a culture in your organization that is constantly looking for ways to improve, what we call the “Job to Be Done”(JTBD). Imagine if you needed to cross a river. You know that your goal is to go from the left to the right bank.

"There are three constants in life... change, choice, and principles."
Stephen R. Covey

Innovation resides more in the “how” (JTBD) you will accomplish this goal, not only in achieving the goal. This mindset is required whether your organization is dealing with extremely ambitious goals such as reaching the Vision 2030, or more modest ones such as improving the preventive maintenance processes in an oil and gas company, or dealing with digital transformation, social distancing at work, increasing agility through remote work. We all need to continually look for ways to innovate.


No matter the scope of the change initiatives and innovation, FranklinCovey Middle East can contribute to changing the mindset around change and innovation for your organization across any industry, throughout the GCC and North Africa. Whether your organization seeks to keep its current position in the marketplace or needs to catch up to its competitors, FranklinCovey Middle East stands by your side as your innovation and change management partner.

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