Culture Transformation and Employee Engagement

Culture Transformation and Employee Engagement

Transform your team into loyal and engaged employees
The Problem with Culture Transformation and Employee Engagement
The problem is usually not when and why? But what and how?

The challenge in creating such a strong culture in your organization is rooted in the fact that most organizations have no real construct around creating high levels of engagement. Not only that, but very often, and with the best of intentions, they put in place processes and structures that go against the creation of that very culture.


At FranklinCovey Middle East, we believe that the potential for greatness is within everyone. It follows however, that for greatness to be created, employees must feel a deep sense of engagement and contribution.

Of course, every organization wants highly engaged employees. So why do 9 out 10 people feel some sense of helplessness instead of engagement regarding their role at work?

Building a Winning Culture - A Top Priority for Leaders

FranklinCovey Middle East has worked with organizations across all industries in the GCC and North Africa for over 20 years now, and we have earned a reputation as real change-makers. We have helped countless teams and individuals achieve greatness through the creation of strong cultures that lead to high engagement, and we stand by your side in such efforts, creating more agility and developing your future leaders.

Resilient leadership does not happen by accident.


We have identified The 4 Essential Roles of Leadership© that leaders must master as well as The 6 Critical Practices for Leading a Team©. Years of research and collaboration with both academia and the corporate world, have enabled us to understand that these are the foundations needed to build a strong culture of engagement.


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