Building an Agile and Resilient Organization

Building an Agile and Resilient Organization

Learn the strategies to becoming a more resilient leader
Where do we start?
Should we focus on reverting back to pre-COVID 19 times?

While many organizations are currently transitioning to the post-COVID 19 recovery stage, leaders and individual contributors are expected to rise to the occasion and magically adapt and continue to be engaged and productive. If it were only that simple!


The answer lies in the leadership team of any organization. A leader’s influence is dependent on his/her ability, not just to adapt and continue to inspire their team to reach desired organizational goals, but also to maintain the agility and resilience to support team members in adapting to a challenging and ever-changing environment. Success lies in the leaders’ ability to focus upon the foundational principles of effectiveness:


With millions of dollars in research spent to ensure our content is relevant and up to date, FranklinCovey presents The 6 Critical Practices for Leading a Team® and The 4 Essential Roles of Leadership® as the courses of choice for building resiliency in leaders, and through their influence, ultimately leading to a more agile and resilient organization.


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