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Thrive During Unanticipated Challenges
Thrive During Unanticipated Challenges

We find ourselves in a new world with many of us being asked to work and lead very differently than we have in the past. Our routines have changed, and we must figure out new ways to be effective. The “day job” is consuming enough, then we introduce the additional pressures of reengaging with clients and taking care of employees—wherever they may be.

The lines that separated our personal lives from our work have also blurred more than ever, with additional concerns for health and family. And our “remote office” may now include a whole new cast of characters who want help with homework or a bit of attention while they practice social distancing.


Introducing Our New Current Issues Live-Online™ Series

This series is designed to assist employees and leaders with the mindsets and skillsets to thrive and be more productive as they work through unanticipated challenges.
Leading Hybrid Teams
The best hybrid leaders will deliver stronger results and ensure that team members thrive at work, wherever they are.
FranklinCovey’s new course equips leaders with skills and tools to get work done in a hybrid world. The session is ideal for someone leading a team where members are sometimes co-located and other times remote
Building Your Remote Work Muscle
Lessons and Tools from The 5 Choices to Extraordinary Productivity®
The amazing work you do in the office might feel at risk when you have to do it at home. When you’re not sure where to start and frustration sets in, how do you lean in so you can build your remote work muscle? This work session allows you to move on to the practical mindsets, skillsets, and toolsets you can implement to get your highest-quality work done, your highest-quality family time accomplished and ensuring a quality self.
Initiating New Sales Opportunities in Challenging Times
Lessons and Tools from Helping Clients Succeed®
If you are going to reach out to a client, either current or prospective, you need to have a “provocative insight” to share. Of all of the calls, emails, and texts your clients and prospects receive today, why would they choose to give you their time? This work session prepares you and your team to slow down and really think about your message during this time of change.
Leading in Turbulent Times
Lessons and Tools from The 6 Critical Practices for Leading a Team™
Now more than ever team leaders need to step up, reprioritize, and chart a new path toward success. This works session will help you learn how you can actively guide your team through the next restructuring crisis, strategic shift, or other major change your organization faces.
Leading Virtual Teams
Lessons and Tools from The 6 Critical Practices for Leading a Team™
What’s the real challenge of leading a virtual team? More often than not, the challenge is establishing practices of open transparent communication that helps your team understand the vision for what they’re meant to accomplish and keeps them engage in doing great work. This work session equips leaders with the essential skills and tools to get work done with and through other people when working in a remote setup.
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